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        Welcome to the TAO (Transcendental Ascension Observatory) founded by Andrés de Urantia. The TAO is a humane coalescence for a better world through a harmonious annexing process, of the mortal mind with the Infinite Consciousness, called Eunoia: The Architecture of Beautiful Thinking. It is through the recognition of Truth in meanings, appreciation of Beauty in things, and loyalty to Goodness in values that this art is confirmed and anointed with Loving-kindness, and an evolved comprehension of the Supreme is achieved.

        Eunoia is the artistic exhibition of our mental capacity to unify the body, mind, and spirit with the emerging Immortal Soul, by which we can enter into our Paradise-ascension career towards the attainment of Oneness, found in the time-space unification with the Infinite Consciousness of our Universal Father the Supreme. Through this perpetual process we continually strive to forge the body, discipline the mind and enrich the spirit with Loving-kindness. It's a habitual encounter with mortality, which is the greatest challenge one will ever have to face. Only in this way can you correctly perceive the essence of being and bring to surface the vehicle of purity and beauty that manifests a radical understanding of the Universe, a deep-calm of fearlessness and an existence of poise.

        It is the recognizance that all things are intimately connected and all dependent one on the other. flowing in, and out of each other in the condition of Infinite Consciousness, which nourishes, and, replenishes life. The artistic expression that is the adventure of evolution within time and space, that is born from the artistry of nature's elements, and that which is transcended by the mind of infinity and acts of eternity. This art is concerned with the intelligent co-operation, social understanding, and spiritual unity by which an individual is awaken from the illusion of all-consuming avariciousness and the capitalistic war engine that drives it. In essence Eunoia is the Unifying Force of Harmony that uncovers the Transcendence within us and that is us.

        As a practitioner of Eunoia each Meliorist should approach every moment of life as a celebration, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular mental, physical and spiritual disciplines of harmonization, while demonstrating a sincere concern for and care of the environment and all living creatures. We are the compassionate kind and inspire a universal unconditional love for the improvement of humanity by means of a conscious effort. We are the Conscious-only from which all phenomena arise. And as a Singularity we radiate the true and invincible nature of the Universe as taught through the virtues of Loving-kindness.

        Within the Eunoia Alliance everyone contributes their natural abilities or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all. This creates a social structure that thrives with an abundance of resources for all. In this unity of contributions there is no money, barter, trade or value attached to things or the position one holds within the community. And by living in this natural order of things, a society where anything is possible is developed. A world without value rated currency, possessions or positions has no crime, envy, gluttony, hoarding or hierarchy, which creates obstacles to progress. Out of this type of unity comes an infinite diversity of prolificness and rushes in an era of international harmony of a true self-government with many nations, mostly determined by land distribution, but only one race, one language, and one religion. Mortal affairs become almost utopian.